Tutorial on How to Read Profit Trading Line Trend

Tutorial on How to Read Profit Trading Line Trend

In learning forex trading, you must first pay attention to the trend line. Is that a trend? Trend is the general direction of the movement of asset prices on the market, when you open the metatrader platform you will see a chart image.

The forex trading chart is a price whose movement is not straight, but a series of high and low.

UpTrend or Bullish

We call it an upTrend because of a higher set of values ​​(high or low), meaning that the movement is heading upwards.

TrendUp Bull

Regular traders say the trend is up when a good and clear support line is formed, then it is linked to two low values ​​then limits the downside.

DownTrend or Bearish

DownTrend, which is a set of values ​​(low or high) that are lower and the price moves down, occurs when there is a clear resistance line.

Down Trend Bearish

Then connect at least 2 highest values ​​which then limit the top.

Flat Trend

Flat Trend is a trend that is not clear whether to go up or down, usually when it’s flat traders don’t take positions.

To see the trend, you can use the timeframe feature in the metatrader to change the appearance of the trend, whether it is long-term, medium-term or short-term.

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Flat Trend Forex Trading

If you are in the long run, you can see movements on a monthly basis, then the medium term, which can be daily or weekly.

Then the short term is forex trading players who utilize scalping, which can be H4, H1, M30, M15, M5.

Tutorial on How to Read Profit Trading Line Trend